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The entire collection of Cause Connection bracelets

Cause Connection Update ✨

Thanks to your incredible support of our Cause Connection bracelets, we're excited to share we've donated over $28,200.

We have been able to donate to the following charities:

Rescue: $3,000 to the Animal Care League in Oak Park

Our donations to the Animal Care League have helped purchase toys, meals, vaccines, surgeries and other lifesaving tests for animals in need. 100% of our donation goes to supporting the animals.

Restore: $600 to the Coral Reef Alliance

Teach: $600 to Donors Choose

Our most recent donation to Donors Choose allowed us to fully fund 7 projects and help with an 8th project. We funded the purchase of ukuleles for a classroom in Missouri for PreK-2 students. We helped a teacher in Bloomington, Indiana provide her students with Dramatic Play Centers. We helped a Pennsylvanian teacher start a Sustainable Gardening Club. We helped a teacher in Texas restock books in her library for her students. We helped a Florida teacher purchase new art supplies. Finally, we helped fund the purchase of instruments for a High School Chorus program in Florida.

Amplify: $600 to the Equal Justice Initiative

Build: $1,800 to the Habitat for Humanity

Nourish: $3,000 to Heifer International

Empower: $3,000 to In Her Shoes Foundation

Assist: $600 to the International Rescue Committee

Equality: $3,000 to the Matthew Shepard Foundation

Plant: $1,200 to the National Forest Foundation

Our donation to the National Forest Foundation has resulted in 1,200 trees being planted across in the country in National Forests. One tree is planted for every $1.00 donated to the National Forest Foundation.

Educate: $2,400 to Tara Projects

Fight: $2,400 to the The Hope Foundation

Clean Up: $3,600 to The Ocean Conservancy

Support: $1,800 to the Wounded Warrior Project

- - -

We donate 15% of the wholesale price of each bracelet to these organizations. Donations are based on our purchases from our artisans, not product sales. However, the more popular a bracelet and cause is, the more we can order & donate!

Thank you for being a change-maker and helping support so many incredible organizations through our Cause Connection Collection.


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