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Go Carbon Neutral! 🌿

Go Carbon Neutral! 🌿

From the repurposed textiles to the handcrafted, small batch production methods used by our artisans all the way to the packing materials we use to ship your order, we strive for sustainability every step of the way. This journey has been one of progress, not perfection! Today, we've taken another step forward!

We’ve partnered with EcoCart to help you offset the carbon footprint of your order!

EcoCart automatically calculates the cost of offsetting the carbon emissions created. Simply add the offset to your cart for a few cents at checkout & viola - your order is now carbon neutral!

What does carbon neutral mean? 

Carbon Neutrality means that that the carbon dioxide output from your order has a net neutral impact on the environment. With every order we ship, a small amount on carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. By offsetting these emissions through EcoCart, your order becomes carbon neutral & better for the environment!

How does it work?

EcoCart takes the funds from your order and donates them to certified carbon offset projects like planting trees or building wind farms. All of their projects are independently certified to internationally recognized standards. Learn more here.

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