Jewelry Care

Keep your Kantha Jewelry away from water so the adhesive does not break down.

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, body lotions or chemicals.

Remove your WorldFinds kantha and metal jewelry before showering or swimming.

Gently wipe your metal jewelry clean with a cloth.

Remove your jewelry before going to sleep at night.

Remove your jewelry before working out to avoid damage or tarnishing.

Kantha Material Care

Your Kantha Jewelry is made from repurposed textiles, a safe adhesive and wooden beads. Extended contact with water or chemicals can break down the adhesive and result in the fabric detaching from the bead. Wear and tear can also cause the fabric to pull away from the bead.

Sterling Silver Care

To prevent your .925 sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing, store it in an air-tight clean and dry container or bag. Keep jewelry pieces separate from each other to avoid scratching or entanglement. Minimize the sterling silver's contact with water, lotions, body washes, perfumes or hair products. If your product does come in contact, simply clean it with a dry towel or silver jewelry polishing cloth.

Mixed Metal Care

Our mixed metal pieces are handcrafted using a brass, iron and aluminium mix base and then electroplated. This metal mix naturally oxidizes over time, but can be returned to its natural shine using a cloth and paste made from baking soda, water and lemon juice. Minimize the metal's contact with water, lotions, body washes, perfumes or hair products.

Our mixed metal pieces are lead, nickel and cadmium free, but can experience tarnishing if not cared for. For mixed metal products, clean the piece with a mixture of lemon juice and water, blot dry and store in an airtight container.