Our Artisans

WorldFinds jewelry and accessories are hand crafted by women in artisan collectives across the globe – all aimed at creating a better life for each woman, her family, and her future. Each WorldFinds purchase helps provide a fair and livable income in a safe work environment.

Get to know a few of our artisans:

Meet Kanchan

Kanchan and her husband had been living on a meager income of about $54 a month. She was encouraged to join the womens cooperative in her village by her neighbor, and immediately felt at home after a visit. Initially Kanchan was shy, but once she began to generate a regular income for her household, her confidence and independence increased immeasurably. Today, she is an essential part of the artisan group and due to her hard work, she saved enough money to contribute to her family's purchase of a two-room flat in their village.

Meet Sofiya

When Sofiya was young, she lived in an urban slum with her family of 6. Her father was forced to leave work due to health issues and the family moved when Sofiya was in 8th grade. After the move, she was unable to return to work and she helped care for her mother. Sofiya calls the moment she began work with the artisan group "a turning point" in her life. With her first paycheck, she was able to help her family paint their home and install a water meter that brought tap water into their home for the first time.

Meet Kamlesh

Kamlesh got married at the young age of 17. Although she had not wanted to marry that young, her parents insisted. Within a year, her daughter was born. Her husband was a driver and his income wasn't enough to provide for their family. Soon her second child was born and the family found themselves in an even tighter financial situation. After connecting with our artisan partner, Kamlesh found support from the group and coworkers as her husband struggled with alcoholism. She soon was able to support her family and send her daughter to school.