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Style with Sustainability

So, What Is Fair Trade?

In the most basic terms, fair trade is a way of doing business, and a movement, that prioritizes equitable trade. It ensures a fair, long-term relationship between trading partners, and that marginalized communities remain at the forefront of all decisions. Fair trade is about much more than paying a fair wage. It means trading partnerships are based on mutual respect; that prices paid to producers reflect the work they do; that producers share decision-making power; their health and safety are prioritized; and that products are environmentally sustainable and conserve natural resources. (Whew!) Still curious to know more? Learn about the Principles and Practices of fair trade from the Fair Trade Federation FAQ.

striving for sustainability

Artisans use discarded wood scraps from local furniture factories for our bead bases.

Discarded Sari and Kantha textiles are repurposed into our jewelry and accessories.

Our artisans make everything by hand, in small workshops or from their own homes.

Product is transported via sea freight, or as cargo on already scheduled flights.

Our shipping boxes and packing materials are compostable and made from recycled materials.

EcoCart carbon offsets provide another way to make purchases more sustainable.

Cause for celebration

Through your purchasing power, WorldFinds is able to help women and girls in their pursuit of education. Our Girls Education Fund provides financial assistance for tuition, books and uniforms to the children of our artisan partners.

Through our partnerships, our artisan partners are able to develop personal independence. Artisans have gone on to purchase homes, send their children to university and even launch their own businesses!

Our 2020 Fair Trade Month Initiative raised over $8,000 to help get badly needed food and medical supplies to communities battling the Covid crisis in India.

Our best-selling Cause Connection Collection continues to expand and has resulted in over $84,000 in donations to 18 incredible organizations doing good in the world.

Sales of our Kantha Connection Bracelets in June 2020 allowed us to donate over $6,600 to the Equal Justice Initiative to support racial justice. We created a Cause bracelet to support this organization in 2021.

Our Love to Ukraine • Kantha Connection Bracelet generated over $25,000 in donations to the Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, getting critical aid where it's needed most.