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Nourish • Cause Connection Bracelet

  • $22.00

The Nourish bracelet creates goodness on so many levels! Each three-stranded bracelet set is not only handmade by women artisans in India, but it also helps provide meals to marginalized families through Heifer InternationalSee below for information about our partnership!

Beads measure .125" wide and are made of glass and a brass/metal mix. Bracelet stretches to fit most wrists.

Sustainably handmade by women artisans in India. 

Thanks to your support, we've donated enough to...

Provide 46 families with a goat

The goat provides milk, cheese & butter for nourishment as well as additional income from the sale of the extra milk. ($120/goat)

Equip 11 families with a cow

The cow provides milk and nourishment, as well as additional income from the sale of the extra milk. ($500/cow)

Offer 277 flocks of chickens

The chickens provide eggs for nourishment and income from the sale of eggs & offspring ($20/flock)

Install 7 communal water pumps

These treadle pumps are installed in areas in need and use organic materials to protect health. ($750/pump)