Sterling silver is considered one of the most sustainable types of jewelry for it's recyclability. We take it one step further by partnering with the talented artisans at Mitra Bali Fair Trade in Bali, Indonesia to handcraft our sterling silver jewelry using fair trade practices.

A member of the World Fair Trade Organization, Mitra Bali is an active participant in Bali's economic & social development by working to empower local handicraft producers. It was founded in 1993 as a response to witnessing impoverished artisans being underpaid for their crafts while the middlemen in the growing tourism industry seized the profits. The introduction of fair trade to local artisan groups helps them receive fair payment.

Meet Sudi!

Her husband Sudarta was making silver jewelry with a neighbor in the years prior to their wedding in 1992. "Luckily, he was so patient to teach me and finally I'm able to make the silver jewelry," Sudi says.

As a silversmith couple, they had some orders, but the payment was not fair until they met Mitra Bali in 2008. "Working as a Mitra Bali Fair Trade artisan, it makes us have better lives. I can send my children to school and they're university graduated. It makes me a proud mom."

Since then, they have been able to fix their house, their shrines, start a small savings & make a workshop for them to work on their silver jewelry.

"I'm very proud that international customers buy my products."

Mitra Bali partners with more than 2,000 artisans and provide safe conditions, fair pay, and gender equity. This partnership helps uplift Balinese communities and provide stability for families through economic empowerment and independence.

Meet Putu!

Putu is a mother of two children and a relative of Sudi's husband. He asked her if she wanted to join him & Sudi in their silversmithing. She agreed & learned how to create silver jewelry!

Because of her involvement with Mitra Bali Fair Trade, she has been able to help put her children through college. Her first child is ready to graduate from university & is starting a job. Her second child is still in university.

"I'm able to help my family economy"

Community Impact


Mitra Bali prides themselves on their environmental stewardship. They have a reforestation program planting albesia (blalu) trees. Albesia is a fast-growing renewable material that can be used in handicrafts. This promotes a sustainable supply chain.

In 2022, they debuted the "Tree Monument" on World Fair Trade Day. They planted 10 jackfruit trees in a village near their collective. The ten trees represent the 10 principles of fair trade.

Mitra Bali has built a water pump to provide clean water to the people in Abuan Village. This helps get clean water from the river 100 meters below.

They have also developed sanitation facilities for artisans & their families. They rent land from surrounding farmers rather than buying so the farmers can continue reaping the benefits from ownership.

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