Plant • Cause Connection Bracelet

SKU: BR-3064-plant


The Plant bracelet creates goodness on so many levels! Each three-stranded bracelet is not only handmade by women artisans in India, but it also provides funds to help restore forests through the National Forest Foundation. Beads are made of glass and a brass/metal mix.

Sustainably handmade by women artisans in India.


Beads measure .125" at widest. Bracelet stretches to fit most wrists.


We donate a portion of the sales from these bracelets to the National Forest Foundation. Donations are made based on how many we purchase from our artisans, not product sales.


The National Forest Foundation works to plant millions of trees and reforesting thousands of acres of land. For every $1 donated, they plant a tree in a National Forest. 8,061,125 trees were planted in 2022 by the foundation.

The National Forest Foundation has set a goal to plant 50 million trees by the end of 2025. Planting these trees will help support watershed health and improve air quality. Trees can also help strengthen human immune responses & improve mental health and wellbeing!

Thanks to your support, we've donated enough to...

Plant 3,925 trees