Happy Earth Day! 🌍 Hopefully you have a chance to go outside and remember what it looks like after a long year indoors! It’s interesting to ponder how things have changed, for better or worse, since that first celebration in 1970. So. Much. Plastic - but possibly better air quality! And then suddenly this past year - the Earth is getting a lot less wear and tear right now with its human inhabitants sheltering at home.

We’re incredibly hopeful that this time inside can be used to help see what’s truly important and make future choices that are good for people and planet. We've compiled a few tips to help you celebrate Earth Day every day!

Start Composting. Reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill by composting. There are many methods and tips online - so find what works best for you and give it a try!

Go paperless. Are you still receiving your bills in the mail despite paying them online? Take a few minutes to opt into paperless communication for your utilities, bank or insurance companies!

Pick up litter in your community. The most direct way you can participate in cleaning up the Earth is by picking up litter in your neighborhood or local park! However, it is important to stay safe during this pandemic so wear gloves and a face mask while picking up litter and wash your hands when you return home!

Shop sustainably! Take a reusable bag to the grocery store or mall. Shop from small businesses and artists who handcraft their products, or shop secondhand from vintage stores!

Find more ways to participate this year at earthday.org.